Fifa 13 will undergo a new advancement wherein the players will be allowed to shout commands, change tactics or formations without halting the game. And, all this will take place with the help of Microsoft’s Kinect.

However, it is not only the commands of the players that the system will listen to, but also swears that players make at referee in frustration. To make it more intricate, the developers have listed that swearing at the referee will ultimately make an impact on the decision-making. Wow! Now this is something interesting and sure to attract lots of Fifa fans. And, this is not all! EA has also mentioned that the gamers who develop an abuse free reputation will themselves in storylines.

Fifa 13 is the 20th edition of EA series and will be launched on 28th September. As we all are aware that the previous edition of the game focused on its defensive system, this year the target is on attacking intelligence. This feature will give all players the benefit of playing smarter and getting creative in their attack. Some of the other features that this edition will offer are that all players can manage an international side in career, more physical battles between two players and mini-games based on skills such as shooting and crossing.

As far as the additional accessories are concerned, this edition will come with a camera and a microphone, which help gamers to interact with the Xbox console using gestures and voice commands. Fifa 13 is going to be a pure example of advancements of technology.