As 2012 drew to a close, gamers all over the world got a wonderful new year treat in the form of Far Cry 3. And now, after sending out teasers for the past one month, Ubisoft will finally release its much awaited FPS Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon on the XBL Marketplace. The launch trailer of the game sure looks exciting, and we’re sure the game will be even better.

The game is based on Sergeant Rex Power Colt, a cyborg soldier, who lands on a remote island trying to save the world from the clutches of an evil madman. Hollywood’s Michael Biehn stars as the lead player in the game.

Its theme is reminiscent of the 80s – taking inspiration from the action movies, cartoons and the overall culture of this period. To win the game, players have to hunt animals and demolish camps of the enemy using a wide range of weapons in their arsenal. But in this version of the game, the animals take on the form of cyborgs and the enemy’s encampments have green forcefields which can be destroyed using laser weapons.

And of course, the game features Blood Dragons as a double edged sword – players need to protect themselves against them but can also use them to take down the cyborgs. As of now the game can only be downloaded digitally on PCs, PS3s, and Xbox 360 consoles.