Fanless Apple Macbook Air comes as a cutting edge device to mobile users!!!!

Making the dream of Steve Jobs true, Apple now is looking forward to their latest product Fanless Apple Macbook Air. The company claims to be the leading concern to have introduced the mobile users with the Retina display technology when it introduced the iPhone4 in 2010. The Fanless Apple Mackbook Air is expected to be released in a redesigned track pad and a retina display in near future. The meticulous incorporation of some incredible features have raised the level of confidence of the Apple experts for claiming the fanless Apple Macbook Air as an avant-garde in the world of touch phones.

The Macbook air 2014 release ensures the time honoured Apple users that the new iPhone will not have the hackneyed mechanical button for tactile clicking. The Macbook Air 2014 design is not just unique but radical in its features with an ultra thin slender body and light weighing. Since their debut, the Macbook Air has witnessed bumper success and so the technical experts are keeping their fingers crossed to witness the same history to be repeated with the iPad Air redesigned in the form of Macbook Air. According to some convincible sources, the new product will make its appearance felt together with an updated Macbook Pro and a revised MacBook Air 11.