Guys, here’s some ‘not-so-great’ news from Fall Guys, that is to say if you too have been relying on cheating to get ahead in the game. The most downloaded title on PS5 Plus, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been a major hit among players. Notably, the game also has 7 million downloads on Steam. But as they say, with fame also comes some unwanted gaze. As it rose to popularity, Fall Guys cheat leaks also rose significantly. Fall Guys cheating problem has been making headlines ever since on various tech portals and gaming blogs.

Thus, Fall Guys anti-cheat solution announcement by Mediatonicon Monday didn’t come as a complete surprise to the gaming community. However, the more interesting part is that Fall Guys will be employing the same software as Epic Games’ Fortnite. Mediatonic has shared via. Twitter that the game title will be using the same anti-cheat software that is alsoused by Fortnite.

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Apologizing for the Fall Guys cheating problem, the game studio tweeted that it will soon be expanding the current detection system to improve things. Furthermore, the tweet also promised another big update in the coming weeks that will add the same anti-cheat software on Fall Guys as is used by games like Fortnite.

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Notably, the gaming studio had been trying endlessly to fight cheaters on the platform for several weeks. In a recent Fall Guys update, the game also introduced a new detection criterion to make it easier for players. Users will no longer have to report individual cheaters. Furthermore, it has also begun to block cheaters in the middle of a game.

However, Matt Brian, one of the Engadget employees reported that the above security update had hardly been effective in solving the Fall Guys cheating problem completely.

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However, now we are plating much of our hopes from the new Fall Guys anti-cheat software. The Easy Anti-Cheat by Epic Games is a popular and reliable software used by over 120 games. Given its track record, we are hopeful that the new Fall Guys anti-cheat solution will also be able to finally help us get rid of the Fall Guys cheating problem.

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