Apple Earnings Call Omits FaceTime Bug, Leaves Users Confused


Apple is working hard on solving its FaceTime eavesdropping bug that impacted several users over the last few days. In the interim, Bloomberg reported that a Houston, Texas-based lawyer is suing Apple over the bug, alleging that an unknown eavesdropped on his discussion with a client. The complaint has been filed at a state court in Houston.


The FaceTime bug allows users to call on someone’s phone and listen to their conversation even if the phone has not been picked up by the recipient of the call.

Meanwhile, Apple had an earnings call yesterday where the company addressed the $9 billion shortfall in revenue seen in the last quarter. No mention was made of the FaceTime controversy, which left the company looking weak in the knees.

Apple is still working on fixing the bug. For now, the California-based phone manufacturer has disabled the conferencing feature on iPhones. Apple has said that they will address the FaceTime bug with a software update ‘later this week’.