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Facebook, Twitter To Give Users More Control Over Their Data


Few days back, Facebook had announced an update to its activity log, saying that with this revamped version, users will be able to see their activity along with searches they make on the social network. This also means that users can now remove any of their search history at any time, which no one else can view.

Adding this function could mean that Facebook will be moving into the search space in the future, but for now it has given users some more control over their data on the social networking site.

Following suit is Twitter, which is also working on to offer users a little more control over the data they post on the web.

At an Online News Association conference last week, Dick Costolo, CEO, Twitter announced that the developers at the firm are trying to build a tool, which will let users download all their tweets by the end of 2012. This feature was long requested by many users, which has finally got Twitter working on it.

However, many analysts believe that even if Twitter lets users download tweets, it would be in GIF format or PDF so that it can be simply downloaded and not transferred to some other service.

However, this service is already offered by other social networks such as Facebook and Google+, which do let users download some data from the sites so that they can keep it for a record of their own.

So, it seems that these social networking giants are working on to give users more and more access and control over the data they post.