Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is on his way to achieving the motive of connecting people worldwide using the world wide web, even for those who live in remote areas. Even then, it is said that internet is not available till date in numerous places. For this sake, he has declared a solution to the problem. He has now announced that Facebook is working with Internet.org to conduct experiments with drones that would make it possible to beam internet towards a particular area from the sky. Facebook as well as Internet.org have now been working in many ways to connect the entire world with internet and they are working extremely hard on it.

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The team comprises leading experts in the field of aerospace and communications. The Ames Research Center and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab are also part of their innovative experimentation. Internet.org launched last year and their main motive is to bring down the internet cost around the world by connecting to the web and utilizing web services. They are now working with various telecom operators throughout the world for the sake of reducing the cost of the internet connectivity. This team has been successfully working on exploring of the latest techniques to beam internet from the sky.