Facebook has set a record on Thursday with one billion people using the network within one day’s span. This is a high for the social network and its co-founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg posted that it is an important milestone. The easier way to state this will be to simply say that one out of seven people around the world used Facebook on Thursday.

The Facebook Success Figures

Zuckerberg’s vision to bring together the entire world via this social network is slowly Facebook Records 1 Billion Users Glued To It On Thursdayachieving fulfilment and he has gone on record saying that these figures are way more essential than the financials or numbers Facebook weighs on a daily basis. According to Facebook’s earnings update revealed in July, the number of active users hiked up to 13 per cent on a monthly basis from the 1.49 billion figure last year, in addition, the total number of active users on the mobile platform currently touched the 1.31 billion mark.

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What’s New With FB?

With so many laurels, Facebook is also engaged in developing an all new technology that will allow video makers to protect their work from being copied sans permission on the network.

The official line here goes like this– “We want creators to get credit for the videos that they own…To address this, we have been exploring ways to enhance our rights management tools to better empower creators to control how their videos are shared on Facebook.”