User privacy is of prime concern on social media and Facebook has perhaps realized this. It is now taking steps to protect its user’s privacy. Over sharing might not be available for new users in future as Facebook is intending to set default audience to “Friends” in place of “Public” as it is now.Facebook reaches 1 billion users mark

At times, it happens that a person wants to share any update with those in their friend list but the update gets listed as public and is visible to everyone. This is the lacuna with which Facebook wants to deal and offer more privacy to its new users.

This move has been initiated by Facebook based on user’s feedback, where many of them expressed their anguish and concerns on their posts becoming public, even when it was intended for friends.

For those who wish to share their updates publicly, this move on part of Facebook will have no effect. However, those wanting to have a cautious approach will be able to keep a tab on the way they want the updates to be showcased.

This is the only change which Facebook has brought in its platform. All other features remain the same and Facebook hopes to makes the website more user friendly and safer for the users.