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What Is Facebook Hiding? Is It The Facebook Mobile ‘Buffy’ Which Is All Set To Get Unwrapped?

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Facebook phone can soon be a reality. Facebook is launching a press event tomorrow and invites has been sent all over the world. According Tech Crunch the press event has something to do with mobile. And for last two years we have been hearing innumerable whispers about the Facebook mobile.

Though CEO Mark Zuckerburg has denied the rumors about the phone many times but then we are habitual to Facebook denial mode before the launch of any product.

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The invite to Tuesday’s press even reads, ‘Come see what we’re building’.  It is certain from this message that Facebook is involved in creating something novel and most probably it could be a fully fledged Facebook phone or a Facebook OS for mobile.

Facebook has always kept hush- hush about the existence of a mobile but it was in 2011 when a Facebook phone codenamed ‘Buffy’  was reported, that our belief in ‘something big is going to happen with Facebook’ grew stronger. It was being said that Facebook is in talks with HTC for the conceptualization of Buffy.

The another school of thought of is that Facebook couldbe constructing a Facebook OS which could give the social networking a great scope of expansion especially in developing countries.

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