Facebook Messenger Kids App is Designed for Better Parental Control


Facebook recently announced its iOS Messenger Kids App for children under 13, the Android version of the app has to still come out. Facebook strict young children from using its social networking site, however the new app will let children use the Facebook Messenger to connect with their family and friends. The unique aspect of the app is that parents can access control to what their children on this app. The app will also block any adult or ad content. In essence, the content on the app will be exclusively screened.

Messenger Kids App

The Facebook Messenger has introduced a new kid version that comes with strict parental controls. Parents can also control contacts of their kids. This means parents can approve or disapprove their kid’s contacts. Messenger Kids offers a solution for those parents who have been for long time looking for a chat messenger that will offer a great level of parental control. With the new app, parents can stay connected with their children without worrying about sharing of inappropriate content.

How it works?

Since a child under 13 years of age cannot create a Facebook account under Facebook policy, a parent can create an account for their children on Messenger Kids through their own Facebook account. The Messenger Kids App should be installed on the child’s iOS device. A parent can control their child’s activity on the app through their Facebook account. Parents can even decide whom to add as contacts and can also delete messages. The Messenger Kids features high level of parental control, screened content, child-friendly features, safety filters to block inappropriate content.

What kids can do?

Messenger Kids

Kids can do a number of activities on the Messenger Kids. They can do one-on-one or group video chat to talk to their loved ones who live far away. They can also send decorated photos to their contacts to communicate their message loud and personal. Moreover, they can send photos, Gifs, masks, stickers and more to aid their communication. The app helps kids stay connected with their family and friends all the time.

Child’s privacy and safety

The children information on the app will not be used for advertisement purpose. Kids will not be exposed to advertisements or in-app purchases. A parent can choose to delete its kids account from the Messenger Kids at any time that also include deleting all the information of the child. Facebook will insure the kids get only safe and screened content that will be without any nudity, violent or sexual content.

The app is currently available on App Store for the US location only.