Amidst the backlash in the last few months, Facebook has started integrating Messenger and Instagram chats.  With an aim to initiate cross-communication, Facebook brings new chat Messenger Instagram.  This Facebook integration of two social media platforms will enable users to to message one another app to app. Along with the integration of Instagram Messenger chats, Instagram is also getting an updated DM system which has been revamped with new features from Messenger.

Facebbok Integrates Instagram Messenger Chat 1

Features of New Instagram DM system:

  • Vanishing messages
  • Custom emoji
  • Selfie stickers
  • Chat colors
  • Different ways to block unwanted messages

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The new tool will also offer Messenger’s Watch Together feature which will allow users to watch videos while being on a video call. The new feature of Facebook brings new chat for messenger Instagram has already been tested in targeted markets and will soon be expanded on the global platform. However, there is no official statement currently stating whether the feature will be available for use for everyone and everyone.

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Facebook Integration of Instagram Messenger Chat is a Matter of Choice

Facebook is not making the Instagram Messenger chat is a mandatory offering.  It means that the users can opt out if the integration. It will allow users to search for profiles across apps.The idea behind the integration of Facebook Instagram Messenger chatis to transition the social media realm that currently is across various platforms into one Kingdom that focuses on private communication.

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 The changes are coming with an update of the company’s apps on Apple Inc.’s devices as well as Android devices, said the Verge. Once updated, the Instagram app embeds Messenger functionality.This move can be also be seen as Facebook’s determination of bringing bring individual products and apps closer together.

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