Facebook Inc has announced that it will launch a new “100 percent in-view impressions” based advert service soon. With the new service, advertisers will have to pay once their adverts have been actually scrolled over from the top to the bottom on FB news feed. This service will also enable advertisers to include photos, text, links as well as video-based adverts, Facebook confirmed via a blog post on Thursday.

Facebook Inc To Tie Up With Moat For New 100 Percent InThe collab with moat

Facebook also specified that the service is being worked upon in collaboration with Moat, a company for ad analytics. Moat will help Facebook look into all video ad metrics on its social network. This, in turn, will allow Facebook to provide details on video performance metrics to their advertisers.

Moat to grow bigger

According to Facebook, Moat will also offer metric monitoring for all other ads on their news feed. It will also monitor ads on Instagram at a later stage. A week back, Instagram had allowed advertisers to post ads in a bid to compete with popular platforms such as Snapchat. Facebook had acquired Instagram in 2012 for about $1 billion.