Sunday, July 14, 2024

The Threat of Giraffe Game Rumours Is Invalid: Facebook Account Hack is Not True

Wasn’t it fun how the Facebook Giraffe game riddle turned out initially? Turns out, as per some reports, the game was an experiment by Anonymous hacking group to hack Facebook user accounts. According to some Facebook posts, the attempt was a sort of cleansing program by the group Anonymous to erase bank accounts and disk drives of Facebook users that have Giraffe profile pictures. This concern does not have any strong base though. As many of the latest reports say, the attempt to hack user accounts was nothing but a hoax. blog suggested that altering of the Facebook profile picture to the Giraffe image would not provide access to the user’s password. Another website, mentioned that it would be completely illogical that the group Anonymous would even try hacking common user Facebook accounts. The group Anonymous has been known for targeting high profile websites such as those of Governments and big conglomerates.

Earlier, SANS’ Internet Storm Center chairman mentioned this activity has been done in the past with HTML codes, but never with JPEG extension. In the end, this seemed like one of those common online pranks on social networking sites. mentioned that the game was real fun, and none of the JPEG virus rumours were true. So if the user did change the profile picture to the Giraffe photograph, rest assured there is no danger associated. The Facebook accounts of users are completely safe and secure

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