Facebook Gaming App Launch on Google PlayStore


Facebook is all set to launch its new mobile gaming app ahead of schedule today. As per The New York Times reports, Facebook gaming app will be launched on April 20 amidst the coronavirus lockdown via Google Play Store.

Notably, the new Facebook gaming app for mobile users will be initially limited to Android. However, the iOS version of the app is also expected to be rolled out soon post Apple’s approval.

Primarily catering to streamers, the app is dedicated to live streaming video game content. Moreover, users will also be able to enjoy the app for free and without any ads for now. However, Facebook would allow users to make donations –dubbed as stars– to streamers they like and company would be then taking a portion of that money.

Facebook Gaming To Take On Twitch and YouTube

Furthermore, with its live streaming video game content, Facebook would be aiming to take on its rivals, Twitch and YouTube in the streaming sphere.

Notably, gaming presence of all three streaming platforms so far has been largely focused on PC experience.  However, mobile based Facebook gaming app aims to expedite sharing and would also allow sharing live streams on their personal pages on Facebook.

By simplifying interface, it also attempts to cater to the emerging community of amateur streamers, besides old players. Moreover, the app also includes a list of casual games for others to help them kill some of their quarantine boredom and stress.

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Moreover, it is also worth noting that the Facebook gaming app has been in the making for around 18 months. The app has already been tested in Latin America and Southeast Asia and was originally scheduled to release in June. However, the growing popularity of gaming apps and streaming platforms in the current lockdown prompted the tech giant to rush the launch.