facebook-logo1A Facebook dispute has resulted in the killing of a girl by her 16-year-old best friend by stabbing her 65 times in the back. Erandy Elizabeth Gutierrez became so outraged after she came to know that her best friend, Anel Baez, also 16, had uploaded nude images of the pair to the social network.

Gutierrez tweeted Baez saying “she would be lucky to survive until the end of the year. It may seem that I am very calm, but in my head I have killed you at least three times.”

Baez laughed off at Gutierrez’s threat that she would ‘bury’ her ’before the end of the year’, and she invited Gutierrez to her home in Guamuchil, Mexico to sort out things.

The local police have claimed that Gutierrez asked to use the bathroom but instead went into the kitchen where she stabbed her friend with the knife more than 60 times.

According to a local spokesman, Gutierrez unsuccessfully tried to clean the blood from her clothes as well as the weapon after she committed the murder.

Gutierrez also attempted to hide her role in the murder after escaping from the crime scene and was even pretending to grieve alongside her other friends.

But after the police investigated the incident, Gutierrez was eventually arrested at the funeral of her best friend – keeping the promise that she would bury her before the end of the year.