A frying pan on the stove, and then something boiling in a pot beside it. Messy countertops with the entire stack of utensils around. Cooking can be daunting for some, especially if one has to cook for a family every day. Looks like, we found a solution in this best Instant Pot to buy. This Instant Pot has become the new staple kitchen appliance. It’s a supercharged pressure cooker that has successfully managed to replace many counter top appliances and has shown us that cooking is easy and fun.

It has got people back in the kitchen with its convenience, which means more home cooked meals for the family. If you are looking to buy one for yourself or already have one lying in the cabinet for too long, then this guide is for you.  Here we have jotted down the advantages of the Instant Pot along with its functioning, features and safety tips for the first time users.

What is Instant Pot?

Instant Pot is a versatile pressure cooker that can help you cook a hearty meal for the whole family in less than 30 minutes. Whether you are craving a hearty bowl of mushy chickpeas or your favourite chicken curry or beef stew, the Instant Pot cooks it all. And, yes, you can even bake bread with the Instant Pot.

The pot is well designed for paleo and ketogenic diet followers as it can braise meats in a short amount of time. Not to forget, the vegetarians can also quickly cook their favourite butternut squash soup, sweet potatoes, and even steel cut oats. In short, the automated cooking appliance caters to every cooking requirement of your household.

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The Best Instant Pot to Buy

  • Available in 3 different styles — Duo, Duo Nova, and DUO Plus and different size options ranging from 3-QT to 10-QT
  • The Instant Pot has an impressive LCD screen
  • Easy seal lid automatically seals the Instant Pot and comes with a steam release button for hassle free release
  • The body is made of stainless steel and is easy to clean. It is durable and doesn’t have chemical coating

Advantages of the Instant Pot

  • Super convenient: The dishwasher-friendly, all-on-one appliance can prepare just about anything
  • Time saver: It cuts cooking time by up to ⅔, which means you will just spend just 20 minutes on a 60-minute job!
  • Energy efficient: According to the manufacturers of Instant Pot, their products normally consume 70% less energy than many other programmable cookers
  • Safe to us: Outfitted with locking lids,  and six valve-and-vent safety systems, the pot is designed to prevent any mishap
  • Plenty of recipes: Free Instant Pot app on iOS and Android users has hundreds of recipes for any cuisine. You can also connect with Instant Pot communities and seek guidance, when needed.

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Safety Tips

  • Filling the cooker the right away – Be careful while putting in too much food in the cooker. Too much liquid or food can create a lot of steam that can lead to dangerous pressure levels
  • Be cautious with the lid – Lock the lid carefully. If the lid is off kilter or not locked properly, it can explode. Ensure you double check the sealing ring before taking on any other chore
  • Let it do its job – Do not open the lid until the steam has evaporated. Do not open the cooker until it has depressurized completely.
  • Staying safe – Be sure to keep your Instant Pot out of the reach of children, too. Stay away from the steam valve unless you want to wear a nasty burn

The Duo Plus variant Duo plus replaces 9 common kitchen appliances — pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, egg cooker, saute, steamer, warmer, yogurt maker, sterilizer and bakes cake too. If you are a beginner, then we suggest Duo Nova for you. This variant is one of the best Instant Pot to buy. It is powered by a chic microprocessor that regulates and adjusts temperature, pressure, time, and heat to cook food up to 70% faster than its contemporaries.

Do share some quick-tips with us on how you manage cooking for your family. You are also free to share delicious Instant Pot recipes.