The Oneplus 9 release date in India is being predicted keeping in mind the previous releases. As the trend with OnePlus releases goes, it is expected that the latest models of OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro will be released in the second quarter of the next year – 2021. Going by these predictions, it is possible that these new launches will be released in April 2021 in the USA and Europe. Following suit, the devices are likely to be made available in India in May 2021, a month after the international launch.

This is only going by the speculation that since the OnePlus 8 series came out in April 2020, it is likely that the OnePlus 9 release date will also be within a year’s time. 

Oneplus 9 Lemonade 

A very exciting leak has been pinpointed, and it goes by the name of Lemonade. This name has been famous in the past thanks to Beyonce’s album by the same name, an old Adam Friedman song, and also happens to be a sweet-lime drink available all across the globe. Why this was chosen by someone to refer to the new Oneplus 9 phones, no one knows. 

Oneplus 9 Leaks

While the OnePlus 8T was recently announced, insiders have managed to leak what is thought to be the codename for the OnePlus 9 series. 

Max-J is considered to be an unofficial authority on such leaks, and he recently tweeted an image that could be the outline of the new OnePlus phone. The twitterati were quick to notice the physical alert slider that is a known feature of the OnePlus phone series for a long time. The accompanying word ‘lemonade’ is predicted to be the development name for the next generation of the high-end OnePlus series. 

The codename Lemonade and the way it has been displayed in Max J’s tweet is suggestive of the fact that similar to previous models, the OnePlus 9 series will also be launched in two parts. The first one will be a base, standard model, while the next one would be the brand’s ‘T’ upgrade. These are likely to be called OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro respectively. However, the OnePlus 8 Pro did not come with the standard ‘T’ upgrade this year, and continues to be the top model of a OnePlus phone.  

OnePlus 9 Series 

OnePlus has a trend to release flagship phones every year, usually spread across a timeline of 6 months. These new phones are revealed sometime during the spring season, followed by an upgrade after 6 months around autumn that is the ‘T’ model. This cycle is then repeated in the next year. The proposition that OnePlus could be working on the OnePlus9 series is therefore a calculated prediction.

This OnePlus 9 Pro will be taking over the spots for top-of-the-line flagship phones, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S21.

Since in the past OnePlus has typically released teasers of the new launch a month or so before the actual launch, an official word is expected around March 2021 by the company. The release date for the phone in that case is likely to be a week or two after the launch.

However, insiders are whispering that the OnePlus 9 may be launched a little earlier than March-April 2021, but there are no confirmations of this OnePlus 9 rumours yet. 

OnePlus 9 Series Pricing 

The standard OnePlus 8 phones came at a price point of about $699 or £599. These prices went up to $799 / £699 in case the model carried more RAM and storage.
The OnePlus 8 Pro came at a price point of $899 / £799 and extended the price to $999 / £899 for upgrades having more storage and RAM.