The script of a game often plays a crucial role in the enhancing the gaming experience and Activision has taken initiative to greatly improve this aspect of their game, even bringing in one of the writers of the ‘Dark Knight Rises’. Are we seeing a Hollywood-isation of the modern games?

Christopher Nolan’s epic venture sees the light of the day finally. Even as every Batman movie conjures up a new thrill for the audience, the latest version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 would be rendering a similar anthem across the gaming world. For starters, it has the ‘Dark Knight’ effect with the inclusion of David S Goyer who has written the script for the game. Also, another genius is also associated with the venture. Academy Award winning composer Trent Reznor is credited with the score of the game which would feature pulsating sequences and extreme action. A trailer featuring their viewpoints regarding the franchise is also doing the rounds. Goyer’s inclusion into the scripting section does boost the franchise and also gives it a meaner edge as compared to its contemporaries.

One is drawn to the latest venture of Dark Knight series and a well sketched out villain such as ‘Bane’ who is out to destroy humanity. Similarly, CoD: Black Ops 2 includes a meaner antagonist such as Raul Menendez and a group Cordis Die which easily resembles the various terror outfits which are gaining popularity over the modern media. Mayhem is the word of the day. Even though certain sections of fans may not admire the adaptation of a movie-like setting for a game, but this phenomenon is here to stay. Even as we are preparing for a live action series for Halo 4 and new multiplayer additions to existing games, one can welcome the era of gaming where ‘less is bore’! Even the 11-minute gameplay demo at the Microsoft E3 showed a series of events which ensures that the players would have a task at their hands while being involved with the game.

The CoD game which is a 1 billion dollar entity is entering a new segment by focusing on the war of the future. Set in around 2025, it reflects on a world torn by its own machines which were meant to protect itself. Even as Die would generate a conflict situation between America and China using the machines created by US itself, David Mason (protagonist) and his team will battle them to restore peace. Let’s face it, machines turning against humans is not a fresh theme but one lives in such an imminent threat every day. Treyarch has played itself well on the narrative entwining it well with the game play in all its versions. Trusting its experience and expertise, one can assume that this time around also, the script will play a crucial role in building up the tempo of the game. But would it be enough to sustain the interest of the gamers? One would have to wait till November 13, 2012 to discover that!