Comparisons are bound to be happen when you are talking about iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5 concurrently. These are flagship products of two tech giants, Apple and Samsung respectively, which are hitting the market soon. While Samsung Galaxy S5 phones are available for pre-order, you need to wait a little bit longer to own an iPhone 6.First Samsung Galaxy S6 Concept Image Shows Off Aluminum, Rubberized Body

Both the devices are hot topic of discussions among tech enthusiasts and prospective customers. It is surely going to be a tough choice as far as buyers are concerned. Among all the features, it seems people are more eager to know about the screen size and display of these phones. This may be due to the fact that iPhone 6 is rumored to have a larger screen size of 4.7 inches or 5.5 inches with higher display resolution. Previously many people opted for other phones since the screen size of iPhone was comparatively smaller. However, this time people may have a change of mind due to the alleged screen size of iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 is surely a tough competition for Samsung Galaxy S5 but the latter is not much bothered since its features also have the ability to win hearts. As far as screen size and display are concerned, it is going to have 5.1 inch screen with Full HD Super AMOLED. Other features include a rear camera of 16 and a front camera of 2 MP, 2GB RAM, 16/32GB Internal Memory + expandable upto 128 GB, microSD slot. The phone will run on the latest version of Android OS, 4.4.2 (KitKat).

So, which one is better? It is actually not possible to give a verdict and announce a winner based on speculated features of iPhone 6. The real fight will begin as soon as iPhone 6 is announced. However, it would not be wrong to say that it is worth waiting for if Apple delivers a phone with a bigger and better display.