Essential Phone Black Friday Deals Or iPhone X Black Friday Deals

iphone x black friday deals
Black Friday is sure the right time to invest on a phone, if you were planning to buy one for quite some time. Every investment should be worth you, we believe there are no better mobiles than iPhone X and Essential Phone right now. If you are wondering whether to choose between Essential phone Black Friday deals or iPhone X Black Friday deals, you must be as confused as most of us. Therefore, we have some tips that will help you to draw a line between the two.

Which phone one to buy Black Friday deals?

It’s only a few months ago that Essential entered the game of producing most innovative smartphones. Its Essential Phone is plated with gorgeous ceramic, titanium and glass to give it a body that one may admire.  Users find it a cool device for its Android that comes with zero add-one.
On the other hand, iPhone X is opposite to Essential. It follows a suit. It got some amazing tech specs such Face ID, touch gestures, specially designed operating system to support its complex hardware. For the first time, the Apple phone has come up without a home button. It got a glass back and a 5.8 inch OLED display. The iPhone X announcement was the biggest of all in a very long time.
We can only make a fair distinction between the both the devices. Buying a particular phone is a matter of choice of an individual. We suggest you buy the one you think make your everyday tasks and life simpler.

Black Friday deals on iPhone X and Essential Phone

In the US, Sprint is selling the iPhone X on this Essential is selling its phone for $499black Friday with some decent discounts. The phone may cost you some $25 less.essential phone black friday