Juan Paul’s journey to find his best partner in the US longest reality TV series The Bachelor Season 18 is on. The premiere episode featured the first rose ceremony of the series. As reported by hollywoodlife.com, here’s a brief look at the round of dates that happened:


First date: The lucky lady is Claire Crawley, yes, the same lady who appeared seven month pregnant in the first episode. Juan found her witty, humorous and easy going. A magical winterland in the middle of Los Angeles was the date destination. It wasn’t long before both glided into a hot tub, where Claire took her time to talk about the tragic incident of her father’s sudden death. The romantic night ends with Josh Krajcik singing especially for them, and a passionate kiss between the couple.


Second date: The next one to get a chance to romance with the Latino bachelor is Kat. It was great that Juan chose Salt Lake city for a 5k electric run, as Kat appears to be the sporty types. After the private jet, slow dance and all the romance, Juan offers a rose to Kat and she accepts the same.


Third date: A group date


Coming to the final date of the episode 2, thirteen girls got to pose in a photo shoot for Best Friends Animal society, three girls who did not get a chance were Sharleen, Amy and Danielle. Kelly adorned a bald dog costume, Lucy was given a fire hydrant get up, Elise and Andi wore costumes that did little to not make them appear naked. Luckily for Elise, Lucy exchanged her outfit and chose to get naked.


In the after party, Kelly was the lucky one to get the rose on the group date. In the end of the episode, Chantel and Amy L did not get any roses, after the final one was given to Christy. Chantel and Amy L head home. Amy L expressed her disappointment, “I thought I was going to be around for a long time.” Chantel was shocked, revealing that she felt there may have been some connection there.