One of the most innovative forms of interactive platforms created by Google, the Doodle works as a perfect getaway for desktop residents…

Being a lover of good old games, there is a continuous search in me for finding new inventions in this field. And considering Google’s impressive track record in providing new information, I often browse it often more than 40 times a day. By the way, that is just a rough estimate; the actual number may just cross three figures. Incidentally, it was quite a pleasure to discover that even Google began a new format of introducing games in those doodles itself. After innovations such as Robert Moog’s electronic analog and Les Paul’s electric guitar, Google has arrived at the field of gaming.

Now, it is not state-of-the-art gaming that we are talking here but it does prove to be one of the simplest and most basic formats, which relate to the current trend – The London Olympics 2012. Incorporating some of the most important games of the day, the doodles are easy to play and can be replayed multiple times without any delay or trouble. One can opt for using the mouse to maneuver the key characters and their actions. Alternatively, you can rely on the arrow buttons on your keyboard along with the Space Bar to operate the characters. Besides, you can skip it any time and begin afresh if you are unhappy with the progress. Just press Refresh and you have a new game for yourself. The aim is very simple and the achievements are jotted as per the requirements of the game. If the basketball game requires you to shoot as many hoops in 24 seconds, the hurdles game requires you to cross them in a precise manner clocking your overall performance. Similarly, the slalom canoe, which proves to be the most addictive of the set followed by the basketball game requires the player to control the character across obstacles and between two poles to make it a successful attempt. Besides the interactive versions, they have also done a series of sketches on the Olympics representing the game of the day. The designs are appealing and their interactive versions have led me towards a wild search for more interactive forms of designs in their fold.

What’s more, the game proves to be one of the most concealed forms of gaming, which can be played in between office sessions and can be played out on any interface without troubling another. Just have a little Olympics for yourself through these enjoyable games. Stop worrying about the boss swooping in on you; after all, you were caught while searching for information online!

And by the way, if you have missed on it do check the following sports – Basketball (, Soccer, Hurdles ( and the Slalom Canoe ( Even though the soccer has been part of the Olympics for a long time, I would have loved some new additions with fencing or archery. Shooting is a well explored action in games so it is better left in this version as well. Of course, I am also awaiting some more innovations from them and they have not failed to disappoint. And although, I am an ardent follower of Google, I express my gratitude for their Art Clokey collection ( which brought a smile to my face.