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Eight Methods to Fix Problems Downloading Apps from the Play Store

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If you have been wanting to learn how to fix problems downloading apps from the Play Store since you encounter such issues often, then you have come to the right place. With the tried and tested ways to fix problems downloading apps from the Play Store, you no longer need to look for solutions anywhere else.

How to fix problems downloading apps from the Play Store?

1. Check internet connection

If the app gets stuck while being downloaded or installed, check your WiFi or internet connection first. If the internet or WiFi connection failed or is interrupted, then troubleshoot that issue before retrying to download or install.

2. Check available space in the phone

 The problem with downloading, installing, or updating any app could be due to insufficient space on your phone as well. If your device is running out of storage space, it may not allow apps to be downloaded, installed, or updated.

To resolve this issue, simply free up some space in your smartphone by deleting or uninstalling unnecessary programs, apps, images, videos, etc. You can also use a device clean app or software to remove caches, junk files, etc.

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3. Update the device’s system

Often when the phone has not been updated for quite a while, it starts malfunctioning. The issues related to downloading may be fixed if you update the system as it would resolve glitches and remove bugs.

To update Android OS, go to Settings>System>Advanced>System Update and then follow the instructions given on the screen to download and install updates.

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4. Check the app compatibility

If the app is not compatible with your device, it cannot be downloaded on your device from Google Play Store. When you open the Play Store and search for the app, you would see whether or not the download option is available on your device or in your country. If not, then it cannot be downloaded from the Play Store.

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5. Uninstall and reinstall the app

If the installation or update is not getting done or downloading is stuck then uninstall the app and reinstall it again. You can uninstall any app from Google Play Store by searching the app and clicking on uninstall.

You can also go to the Google Play Store>tap on the Profile icon>Manage apps & device>Manage>click on the required app>hit Uninstall. Reinstall the app as you would normally download and install and app.

6. Restart Google Play Store or reboot the device

Sometimes simply restarting Google Play Store or rebooting the device resolves various small issues. You can also do the same followed by retrying to download the app. You just need to close the Play Store and open it again.

7. Clear cache of Google Play Store or Google Play Services

This is another way to fix the issue at hand. To do this open your Settings app>Apps & notifications>App info or See all apps>Google Play Store or Google Play Services>Storage>Clear Cache>Clear Storage>Clear all data>OK.

8. Reset the download manager

Google Play Store uses the Android Download Manager to download apps on the device. At times the download manager may malfunction causing issues with downloading. Try and reset the download manager to see if it fixes the problem.

To do the same go to Settings>App info or See all apps>click on the ellipsis menu>Show system>find and click on Download Manager>Storage 7 cache>Clear Storage>Clear Cache>Ok.

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These are eight ways that you can try to fix problems downloading apps from the Play Store. Now that you know how to fix problems downloading apps from the Play Store, you can not only help yourself but others as well. If you do not have the time to fix somebody else’s phone, share this article with them so that they can do it themselves.

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