A real BP checking app is a helpful addition to your daily health monitoring, and many physicians agree that while the traditional blood pressure testing at a clinic is the only way to be certain, a blood pressure app for Android phone is a good fall back option. Such apps can serve as  good reminders for users to take their blood pressure medications regularly. There are now many blood pressure checking apps for free available on smartphones that are supposed to be able to measure blood pressure, but how effective they are is debatable. 

Apps that can take your blood pressure by means of monitoring  the pulse from the finger or wrist, or using the phone’s camera may not always be 100% accurate, but they still offer a host of other benefits. 

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Before we list out blood pressure app for download, there are certain things that users need to know about using their real BP checking apps to keep track of blood pressure, and the impact of this monitoring on their health.  

Reading BP numbers 

The American Heart Association recognizes 5 blood pressure ranges which vary from normal, elevated, hypertension stage 1, hypertension stage 2, and hypertension crisis.

A person’s blood pressure is recorded with the help of 2 numbers. These are the systolic blood pressure and the diastolic blood pressure. The systolic blood pressure is an indication of the amount of pressure the blood puts on the artery walls during a heartbeat. The diastolic blood pressure reflects the amount of  pressure your blood puts on your artery walls when the heart is resting between beats.

The systolic bp number is important because it helps indicate the  risk of a cardiovascular issue, and it used to diagnose high blood pressure.

Accuracy of Blood Pressure Apps 

While a real BP checking app can be a good indication of heart health, it should not be the only mode a person uses to keep track of their cardiovascular health. Many people now try to test their blood pressure using only a blood pressure app for android, but this has brought to light cases of negligence.
The Journal of the American Society of Hypertension published a study that revealed the pros, as well the cons, of some of the widely-used blood pressure apps in a US-based population.

Accuracy of Blood Pressure Apps

While the accuracy of an app is debatable, the bigger challenge is to monitor the tasting ability of the user of such an app. When used properly, mobile bp apps may be equipped to measure blood pressure properly, and also serve other functions. 

The main benefits of a blood pressure app download really is the fact that they make the user accountable for keeping track of their health. Even if the blood pressure reading is not absolutely accurate, the regular monitoring of it can make a huge difference. 

Blood Pressure App – Download 

Having covered the basics of using an app to measure, BP, here are some recommendations : 

Blood Pressure Log – MyDiary

The Blood Pressure Log app is available for Download on the Google Play Store. It shows a good rating of over 4.7 stars, and it allows a user to log in their blood pressure readings anytime they take a reading. It also facilitates importing of data from other devices, and makes summaries of the reading so the user can understand the meaning. Apart from marking blood pressure, the app also enables users to track their weight, oxygen saturation, and glucose levels all together. Furthermore, it also enables users to generate reports in MS Word or Excel Sheets. 

Instant Heart Rate 

The Instant Heart Rate app is used for multiple purposes, and is trusted by many because it has been approved by institutions dealing with cardiology research training. It is also known for its accuracy, and is equipped with a heart rate monitor (similar to an ECG or EKG machine). It is able to deliver, with commendable accuracy, pulse or blood pressure readings under 10 seconds. The PPG graph it comes with can maintain the correct heartbeat, as well as acquire the readings during any physical training. It has a 4.3 star rating on the Play Store. The one caveat is that this app is not suitable for use on babies and infants. 

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  1. Smart BP – Blood Pressure Diary, Tracker, Log

This app on a smartphone can convert the device into a blood pressure monitoring machine. It has been used not to check the user’s blood pressure, but also has room for users to add side notes to the recorded measurements, like diastolic, pulse rate and weight.
It is also able to calculate the BMI (Body Mass Index) and the MAP (Mean Arterial Pressure).

It also offers a dynamic user interface where users are able to colour code the records, and nte when the blood pressure has been high, low, or normal. It can be downloaded from the Play Store