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Ebola Email Virus: Infected Ebola Messages On way, Please Beware

Symantec has released a new report in which it has stated that cyber criminals are now using Ebola virus email as their new phishing tool. The Symantec report revealed that cyber criminals are capitalizing on the Ebola epidemic in West Africa in order to steal passwords via emails.

The Ebola email virus is here as cyber criminals are sending fake emails in the name of the dreaded disease, which has raised an alarm globally. These emails are reported to aim and exploit vulnerable users.

Infected Ebola Messages On way, Please Beware
Ebola Alert

Symantec mentioned in its report that cyber criminals are sending fake Ebola reports as attachments to unsuspecting users. Users who download such reports receive the Trojan.Zbot malware.

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Cyber criminals are using this malware to steal sensitive information such as passwords, payment information, delete files and folders and even record from the webcam.

Users can expect to receive emails such as this: “In the last two weeks there has been talk of Zmapp, a promising Ebola drug still in an experimental stage.” Symantec says, “The crooks entice their victims with an email claiming the Ebola virus has been cured and the news should be shared widely. The email attachment is Backdoor.Breutmalware.”

After clicking on such emails, users are being asked to log in on a Web page by entering their email credentials. Following that, hackers can gain access to their accounts.

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This is not the first incident where cyber criminals have used such news to exploit personal information. It’s time to be cautious.

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