eBay today offered a new service, eBay Now to its San Francisco users wherein it will be offering same day shipping of goods. eBay Now will work by offering SF residents the benefit of getting products on the same day but by paying a fee of $5. The company’s offer is now open for people interested in signing up for “exclusive beta”. All those who register will soon get a download link.

Company’s decision of introducing this new service has made it clear that it doesn’t want to lag behind in-front of start-ups such as TaskRabbit and Uber that offer instant gratification.

An e-mail regarding the same has been sent to all eBay customers. eBay Now will only entertain those customers who order over $25, but beta testers will get $15 off while placing their first order at eBay Now. The customers will also get free shipping for first three orders.

Following this, speculations are that eBay Now may also plan to have its own warehouses in major cities, just like Amazon. This will be a good move as it will help reduce the wait time. But at the same time, it is going to be expensive and time consuming.

Not only this, eBay will also have to work hard and offer something in comparison to companies such as Postmates Get It Now and Y Combinator’s brand new Instacart, which offer delivery for take-out food, groceries, and more in one hour’s time.

These services are attracting more and more customers and are likely to become very popular in the coming time.