is a premier job scratch site that began in 1997. It is an ever-growing platform that connects employees to employers, employees to employees, and also serves as a portal to make job search easier for users. There are also resources and a guide-blog for users. It is an Indian job-search portal although there are also some international listings available. It is one of the biggest platforms where recruiters are also able to reach out to employees.

It currently boasts of over 60 million applicant profiles. In order to search for jobs or post jobs on Naukri, an account is required. Similarly, it is important to manage an inactive Naukri profile to make the best use of the site. Here, we discuss step-by-step on how to delete a Naukri account. 

How to Delete Naukri Account Permanently 2020

Step 1 – Sign into a pre-existing Naukri account 

In order to deactivate or delete an account on, you will need your account details, These include the email ID and password that was used to create the account. 

Step 2 – Locate your profile settings 

Upon logging in successfully, locate the Naukri logo on the top of the screen. Next to this logo, on its right side, you will see the words ‘My Naukri.’ 

Click on My Naukri. 

Step 3 –  Go to the Settings

There will be many options, out of which you need to tap on the option that says ‘settings.’ 

Step 4 – Manage Your Profile 

After clicking on settings, you will be redirected to another page which allows a user to make changes to their profile. Scroll to the bottom of this page. Click Read More

Step 5 – Manage Your Preferences 

At the bottom of the page there will be another header stating ‘Not looking for a Job change right now.’ Below this you will find an option to ‘read more.’ Select this option.

Step 6 – Delete Account

Upon clicking on the ‘Read More’ option, the page will extend further.
Here, there will be an option to either delete the account permanently. WHen you click on this option, you will have the option to give a reason for wanting to delete your Naukri account. 

You will then need to re-enter your password, following which your Naukri account will be permanently deleted.

Deactivating vs Deleting Naukri Account

If you wish to retain your Naukri account, and not delete it permanently, there is another option you can go for. 

Instead of deleting your account, you can also deactivate it for as long as you like. This helps retain your profile and resume, but you will not be listed as an active job-seeker on the portal. In case you are not interested in looking for jobs or having recruiters shortlist your profile at the given time, deactivating an account is a temporary measure one can opt for. 

On, deactivating an account means that you will not receive any correspondence from the website until you login again to activate your profile. 

The advantage here is that deactivating an account instead of deleting it allows a user to pick up right where they left off. Deleting an account removes this option and you will not be able to access the same account again. 

Deleting a account is the option for people who are sure they will not use the same Naukri profile again. 

Why Delete Naukri Account 

There can be many different reasons for which a user may want to delete their Naukri account.

  1. Your profile and resume (if uploaded) will remain active on the website unless you remove or deactivate either. This means that companies and employers currently hiring can still view your profile and presume that you are open to recruiting. In this case, if you are not currently seeking jobs, but have an active profile, you may miss any messages or communication made by the company/employer (since you are not actively responding to any job offers). This leaves a bad impression as it makes the user look like they are open for jobs but are not responsive. 
  2. With an active profile where there is a phone number available, recruiters will try to call to quicken the hiring process. In case you are not seeking a job but have an active profile, you can expect calls and messages during the working business hours. This can become problematic and indicates that you need to delete your Naukri profile to avoid such calls. 
  3. If you are thinking of how to delete the Naukri account, another contributing reason may be that you are not currently looking for jobs but are being shortlisted for interviews based on your active profile. Upon refusing such an interview, one leaves a bad impression on the recruiter. In some cases, recruiters may also blacklist your account and you may not be able to apply for jobs with the same company in the future.