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Easter Egg Fun On Internet: Eight Hirarious Tricks You Should Try

Google is known for adding fun Easter Eggs to its products every now and then. The recent version of the app- v9.12 has a jocular trick that gets activated when a voice command says, “Are we there yet?”  If it’s said four times, the apps responds, “if you ask me again, we won’t stop for ice cream” imitating the really irked mommy.

Just like on Google Maps, there are many other places on the web where entertaining Easter Eggs have been hidden by their mastermind programmers. We hunt down the most entertaining of them:

chrome easter egg

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Game Over: Did you know that when Google Chrome is unable to connect to a web page, you can actually play a game. Press the space bar and save the dinosaurs from hitting the cactus.


Google Hangout Easter Eggs

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Hangout with Google: Did you know Google Hangout is full of happy tricks. Type “/ponies” to see a pony run across the chat screen and to see many of them just type “/ponystream”. You can change the chat’s background color in Google Hangouts by typing “/bikeshed”. Oh! They also have a “/shydino”. Try it!


In Google Maps, find the walking directions from  “The Shire” to “Mordor” and you will get a interesting message which reads, “One does not simply walks into Mordor.”

Not many know that Google Maps lets you play Pac Man. Go hunt the small icon for this classic arcade game adventure. Send us picture if you have any!

Facebook English Pirate


Facebook has also hidden some interesting tricks for users. For some ship adventure, change your language setting to English (Pirate). Home will read “Home Port” and the news will read “Captain’s Log.” Go to Facebook and find out what will your photos will read.


When you are travelling the world, you can also see the map change on Facebook’s globe icon.

Here’s another favourite for us. Type “Blue” in Netflix and see beautiful blue smudges appear on the side bar. Fun!

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Kids, Don’t Annoy the Chap on Google Maps With “Are We There Yet?”

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