Easter is observed worldwide as the resurrection of Christ and is celebrated on the first Sunday after a full moon on or after March 21. On this very day, we go for a parade with cross in our hands just to thank the almighty God for his kindness and blessing. After we are done with prayers, here comes the time to present the one you love a nice Easter gift. Lenovo IdeaTab A3000

It is a common tendency to get confused during the time of selecting a suitable gift for any occasion, and keeping this fact in mind, we bring to you a list of gifts to be considered for the Easter.

Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control – It is the best device to control your TV, iPod & other gadgets with multiple gestures. It has 4 modes and has been constructed with the use of high quality materials. It is officially licensed by BBC Worldwide.

Pebble Smartstick Charger – It is available in black, pink, purple and silver colors. It is a backup charger and features five different adaptor tips.

Sound Asleep Pillow – It can be termed as a comfort device as it cushions your weary head. It enables you to sleep comfortably with its ingenious sunken speaker system.

Aeropress Coffee Maker – It gives you the experience of making the smoothest, richest, purest and fastest cup of coffee. The device produces gentle air pressure that enables the mix through a special micro-filter. It takes a total brewing time of less than 30 seconds.

DOCS2GO Scanner for iPad – The device acts as a sleek, portable scanner for documents, photos and more.  You just have to dock your iPad in the standard 30-pin connector, feed your documents through the scanner and they will instantly appear on the iPad’s screen.

Konstruktor DIY SLR Camera – It is suitable for the ages of above 14 years and enables you to personalize your own camera with stick on leather detailing and sticker sheet. It is a single lens reflex camera with single mirror and top down viewfinder. The product features detachable 50mm f/10 lens, 1/80s shutter speed with multiple exposures and 0.5m – focus distance.

The list of gifts that can be presented on Easter is very long, and we will keep on inserting more ideas in our future posts. 

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