Duck Dynasty Battle of the Beards:The Apple iPhone 5S Game Lets You Shoot Squirrels,Throw DonutsThe record breaking A&E serial “Duck Dynasty” released a gaming app for iOS software “Duck Dynasty: Battle of the Beards” where players can take Robertson family avatars and take part in the family actions, such as working, hunting and fishing in the Duck Commander warehouse.

The Duck Dynasty Avatars

The app is at sales at the iTunes App Store for 1.99 for iPads $0.99 for iPhones. Users can take the avatar of Robertson family and hunt for frogs, pack box of duck calls, shoot squirrels and ducks. The game permits the players to advance from beardless “yuppie” avatars via Bluetooth to full-on red neck beards, sunglasses and bandanas.

Designed on the basis of

It is the latest app designed by Duck Dynasty for the promotion of the Robertson family and their well-known reality show that made a record of most-seen non-fiction satellite show.

Along with the games, Duck Dynasty brand has also launched books, cook books, coolers, home décor, hunting gears, jeweller, party favors, bobble head, cologne and much more. The Robertson family owner of the Duck Commander lives in Monroe, Louisiana and spends their time to God and outdoor angelical Christians.