Dropbox has just added two-step verification for its accounts, announced the cloud storage company just weeks after another security violation. This step by Dropbox is made to offer users a more safe and protected account.

The process, which is optional but highly recommended security feature by Dropbox will add an extra layer of protection to users’ account. With this feature, users will have to enter a six-digit security code along with their passwords whenever they sign in to Dropbox or link a new computer, phone, or tablet to it.

In the past year, Dropbox underwent three high-profile cases of security issues. The announcement of this verification process came after the latest incident, where usernames and passwords were stolen from other websites to sign into Dropbox accounts.

In a reaction to this latest incident, the cloud-based service, Dropbox promised users to add “two-factor authentication”, which meant that users would need two identity proofs including user password and a code sent to cell phones, to get access to Dropbox account.

Currently, Google also has two-step authentication for its accounts. It was highlighted recently, when the account of Hat Honan, writer, Wired for hacked. Honan did not activate two-factor verification and did regret the decision.

With the increase of hacking and spamming, this move by Dropbox seems to be good to give users the required security.

Enabling two-factor verification is easy.

Users first need to download the latest beta version of Dropbox’s desktop client. Here is the link: https://forums.dropbox.com/topic.php?id=66910

Then, just follow step-by-step instructions.

After instructions, users can login into their account using a one-time text message or a code that can be sent to various mobile apps such as Google Authenticator or Amazon AWS MFA.

However, for those who do not want to install, Dropbox has hinted to take out a feature for all user accounts in just a few days.