The cross border tensions between the two nuclear armed nations had been on for more than two months now. In the latest update on the Indian side, DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) has provided new drones for surveillance to the Indian Army.

The surveillance drones named as ‘Bharat’ have been indigenously developed In India in a DRDO’s laboratory based in Chandigarh.Notably, the newly developed drones are being referred to as one of the lightest and most agile surveillance drones in the world indigenously developed by the defence organisation.

As per an ANI report, defence sources have said, “The Indian Army requires drones for accurate surveillance in the ongoing dispute in the Eastern Ladakh area. For this, the DRDO has provided them with the Bharat drones.”

Major Highlights of the Bharat Drones

  • Accuracy and Agility
  • Unibody biomimetic design
  • Survive in Harsh Colds
  • Advanced night vision
  • AI for smart detection

Bharat drones will reportedly help the Indian Army to accurately conduct surveillance inmountainous terrains and high altitude areas along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Eastern Ladakh.

Eastern Ladakh bharat drone
DRDO Bharat Drone Ladakh

Furthermore, the Bharat drone has been built in a way to be capable of surviving in extremely cold weather temperatures. Reports hint that it is being further developed to survive even harsher weather. Moreover, itsunibody biomimetic design along with the advance release technology is indeed a great combination, in particular for the surveillance missions.

News reports have further quoted the DRDO sources adding that the small yet powerful Bharat drones can work autonomously at any location with great precision.It can also provide real-time video transmissions during the entire mission.

drdo bharat office

It further packs highly advanced capabilities for night vision enabling it to even detect people hidden in the deep forests. At the same time, the drone has been developed in such a way that makes it nearly impossible for foreign Radar to detect it.

DRDO Bharat Drone Live

Remarkably, it also integrates the AI(Artificial Intelligence)into its system which enables it to detect friends and foes during the mission and accordingly take action. Experts also suggest that another reason for its popularity is its ability to operate in the swarm operations.

India Fast Tracks Procurement Of Defence Equipment

The new Bharat drones would be a significant addition to the India’s existing surveillance and drone systems. Moreover, in light of the on-going Indo-China tensions, the delivery ofRafale fighter jets has also been advanced on a special request. The well-known fighter jets would now be arriving ahead of schedule later this month on July 29.

Moreover, the Defence Acquisition Council has also approved collection of arms projects worth $5.55 billion in the country’s efforts towards fast tracking finances to procure equipment. Following the approval, India’s Defence Ministry has also entered into a new $74 million contract with Bharat Earth Movers Limited forits T-90Bhishma Tanks. Furthermore, the Indian government has also approved the purchase of Excalibur artillery rounds of the M777 ultra-light howitzers from America.

Additionally, as per the latest updates in the Indian defence news, the House of Representatives in the United States passed a bipartisan legislation earlier today. The legislation urges China to de-escalate the standoff peacefully along the Line of Actual Control.