Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Story: Ultimate Patches, Cheat Sheet And Tricks

Being part of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse needs keen insight and cheat sheets to actually reign over the game. While gamers are busy formulating cheat codes, Dragon Ball Xenoverse interestingly has an auto wipe feature laced onto its glitches. That means patches on the glitches come into existence as soon as you find some loop.Dragon Ball Xenoverse DLC 3

According to a report from Cheats For All, it has been revealed how players need to cross over the entire story mode in Xenoverse before using any cheat. Interestingly, gamers can employ the 100% skill as well as item drop rate glitch, by reaching multi-lobby to begin the ultimate battle with Demigra.

After defeating Demigra, head over to parallel quest. If you manage to swap up Ultimate Finish you can lap up all items and skills in this quest. Another huge cheat to gain back health in the game comes with the z-soul getting struck by opponents. Keep in mind that this cheat is applicable only on the game’s console version.

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 Speak with the Trunks and reach the upper right corner of Plaza of Time. Once here, gamers can unravel the Parallel Quests. There are more updates coming your way on the Xenoverse cheats. Stay tuned and watch the space.


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