If you are a gaming nerd, then you would be very excited with DOTA 2 Reborn since the updated version of this game offer more thrills. For all avid game lovers it may not be as good as Half-life 3 but it has it moments of thrills.

DOTA 2 popularity

One of the major reasons is Valve, the company behind this game, which is leaving no DOTA 2 Updated Version Is The Boon For Gamersstones unturned to make sure that it gets the entire spotlight it deserves. The platform is also being pushed to mainstream which will help it to gain more limelight. Though DOTA 2 is not the first game to offer such a vivid experience, it is a well-known fact that all FPS games have acted as building blocks for some of the most famous games in recent times.

DOTA game in past

According to Techradar, the original version of DOTA gained a lot of popularity mostly because of its war craft mode. Blizzard, another gaming company tried to mimic DOTA by offering StarCraft arcade with RTS and hybrid puzzle.  StarCraft Arcade did not do well with the gamers even with the free edition.

Minecraft has recently emerged as one of the most popular game on mobile platforms but then again, the game is designed on multiple disparate mods and is not limited to a single ecosystem. 

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