Facebook has decided to introduce games on Facebook messegner. The games would be available on the Facebook chat app. According to the reports, users can find the game by clicking the overflow menu of Messenger. 

Introducing the game is a great way to engage the users and is a positive move for the company.

 Doodle Draw Is Now Available On Facebook MessengerThe First Game Is….

Doodle Draw is the first game made available on this platform and more games are expected to follow. According to the reports, the leading social network site which initially restricted their services to meme generators and GIF tools for content creation has now moved to gaming as well, which indicates that the company is interested in increasing their expanse to other apps as well.

Who Are The Rivals?

While the launch of Doodle Draw on the Facebook Messenger has brought a smile on the users face, it can be a reason of concern for the rival companies like Viver, Line or WeChat as these services already host games on their platforms. These companies host games not just for keeping the users engaged but also for earning some revenue and Facebook’s new move might affect their popularity to some extent. The latest move of Facebook is expected to be positive for the company in every aspect, yet it will take some time to get users feedback in this aspect. 


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