TikTok had simply been ruling the social media. People who would earlier regard it as simply a waste of time also found themselves on the platform as the COVID-19 lockdowns kicked in. What had begun as a teen sensation quickly went on to become popular with netizens across age groups.  Even amidst the many controversies it created, people were debating if TikTok was cringy or a marketing dream?

India served as one of its most important markets with around 119 million active users. However, the India-China faceoff along the Line of Actual Control once again triggered rising anti-China sentiments in the country. The Government of India officially banned 59 Chinese Apps in the country citing concerns around data security and potential threats to the sovereignty of the country. 

Furthermore, the TikTok ban has created a void in the world of social media, particularly for short-video apps. In case you have also been secretly missing TikTok, following are the Top TikTok alternatives to consider –

Instagram Reels

Instagram has launched a new TikTok like feature, Instagram Reels on the platform in India. In what can only be called a smart business move, Instagram Reels has indeed come at a great time in the country. It allows users to make short videos of up to 15 seconds. Moreover, it also enables users to add music, use filters as well as audios from Instagram Music library. Furthermore, users can also choose to make their visible to all by sharing in the Explore section. While many others seem to be lacking in features, it is emerging as one of the best TikTok alternatives.


Mitron was probably one of the first Indian social media apps to make the headlines post the recent TikTok ban. The app has commonly been referred to as a clone TikTok app by many. Allowing users to make short videos, the app comes with an underlying theme that encourages a sense of humour. It had quickly garnered over 25 million downloads on Google Play Store. However, the app was temporarily taken down from the Play Story before it was made available once again.


Trell is a lifestyle community commerce platform that allows users to view and create videos sorted across categories including films, home décor, sports, etc. It is yet another Indian video-based social media app that witnessed a significant surge in downloads post the ban of Chinese apps in the country. However, in a major contrast to TikTok, Trell offers the option to share videos of up to 5 minutes.   


Chingari is another Indian app that is being viewed as a good alternative to the Chinese video platform. It is a free short video-sharing platform just like TikTok. The app is currently available in 10 different languages including Hindi, English, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Bangla and Punjabi. The app has already crossed the 10M mark in downloads in less than a month.

It would be interesting to see which of these apps would really go on to claim TikTok’s vacant thrown in the world of small video apps. However, as we continue to bring all the trending tech updates, don’t forget to check out our new Power Women Thursday Series on YouTube.