Don’t Fall Prey to iPhone Scam

iPhone Scam

The iPhone scam has been doing the rounds on different social media channels. The scam masqueraded online as the “biggest sale” on preorder of devices such as the Apple iPhone 11 (sold at Rs 26,949 against retail price of Rs 51,990) and the iPhone 12 Pro (sold at Rs 67,449 against retail price of Rs 1,19,990).iPhone scam is just one of the several scams started by serial scammer Hitesh Patel. In the past, Patel has been accused of credit card theft in USA, hacking personal data of users and a foreign job fraud, and many more.

Twitterattis Nishant Singh and Abhimanyu Sranamade public a thread alleging that Twitter user Neel Patel alias Hitesh Patel has been scamming people for more than 15 years. Singh has even published a thirty-minute video on his YouTube channel and made a detailed thread on what he has dug on Patel.

Watch the video here.

According to the netizens, fraudster Hitesh Patel used Squeaks Media apps, his own creation, to promote the irresistible deals.  With the help of Twitter influencers, he then improved his credibility in the market. However, upon receiving the payments from customers, he allegedly didn’t deliver Iphone to anyone. The duo stated that only a few lucky customers received the iPhones.

When eyes were raised against the massive discounts being offered, the app released a statement stating,

“Everyone’s been asking questions on why the iPhones are priced low, so here’s the answer: Instead of spending on marketing, it was decided to spend it on the people hence the low pricing. As this company just started, we believe it’s important to forget about profits for the first 1,000 days and genuinely provide an amazing service to the people. [sic]”

iPhone Scam 1

Customers who fell for the deal were asked to make the payment via NaaradPay – a service that was also built as a nationalist alternative to other payment apps. Claims about the iPhone scam organised by Patel state that over 8,000 orders were received via this, amounting to over Rs 40 crore.

The whistle blowers on Twitter also inform that anyone who went ahead and installed NaaradPay or Squeaks Media have, by default, given the fraudster free reign to their personal photo gallery, as well as SMSes. Patel has also been accused of bolstering his market credibility with the help of online influencers and not making the deliveries of the iPhones to customers who have made the payment.

 We request you all out there not to fall for such scams. Please visit company’s official website or trustworthy E-commerce websites before betting in your money to get any phone. Stay tuned to this space for latest technology news. You can also sign in for our newsletter to get daily updates delivered to your mailbox.