All of us got scared for a moment when the internet played yet another prank with its false reports stating the renowned TV host, Mario Luis KreutzbergerBlumenfeld popularly called Don Francisco, expired. Many social networking sites commenced updating grief and condolence status over the sudden sad demise of the iconic Hispanic TV figure in the USA. However, the team managing the SabadoGigante Facebook account rejected all such rumours and even posted images of the iconic host getting ready for yet another show, the other one having supper while the last one getting ready for a jog.

The false rumours of health conditions of Don Francisco has made raves on social media, but that is not at all true and the legendary icon is more than fine, preparing for his show and all-set to travel to Las Vegas, where he will be presented with Latin Grammy Council. He would like to present his gratitude and thank the concerned people who have sent messages for him. He also invites them to watch the 14th Latin Grammy Awards to be telecasted on Univision on November 21st. He wished everyone good night and posted images taken in the noon along with Antoine Marie, his French stylist.

Then the team came up with second image, with the caption, “For those who abide with the false news, here we see Don Francisco happy and getting ready for supper. The image shows him all in white, getting ready for the morning exercise. Sharing his physical activity, heath is sports, he says you feel great after doing some exercise. Accolades to all and great wished for the November 19 event”. He will rewarded the Latin Recording Academy Trustees Award 2013 at an event to be held before the Latin Grammy Show

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