iphone 5s featuresYes, the iPhone 5s is out, soon after the launch of the iPhone 5. One would expect that this would mean that our new friend in town comes with little or no new features. However, Apple has gone right into its strength to give us some exciting new features, yet again. 

However, would this make the iPhone 5s worth all your money? If you are one for pure use of the phone, I would say no. This would work as well as the iPhone 5s. Yes, it’s now available with the A7 chip, which would make it faster. However, that might also mean it’s a drain on your battery. How much of your battery would this processor consume is the question one will only be answer in a little while. However, this does mean that your gaming experience will be greatly enhanced. 

If you already own an iPhone 5, should you upgrade? The first thing to see here would be your carrier plan. If you have taken the iPhone 5 on a two-year contract, it might hurt you to make a shift. Apple has not announced the iPhone 5s price yet. However, one can get it from T-Mobile off-contract for $649. It’s also notable that there are still no significant upgrades to the iPhone 5 to create one more dent in your pocket, only 1 year down the line. Yes, if you are the owner of an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s, you might want to take the plunge.