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Divided Opinions on No Maternity Leave for Marissa Mayer

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Ever since Marissa Mayer, new CEO of Yahoo! who is also six months pregnant, has announced that she is not going to take any maternity leave, the statement has attracted attention of many.

“My maternity leave will be a few weeks long and I’ll work throughout it,” she told Fortune.

Her statement has become the topic of discussion and everyone has a different opinion to share. For instance, Kristie Lu Stout of CNN International is of the view the Mayer should take out some time for her new born son, once he is born.

She expressed herself in an open letter which said, “Like other working moms, I kind of wish you didn’t say that … but I can see why you did,” Lu Stout wrote. “You want to prove yourself. You want to hit the ground running and keep up the sprint even through the so-called fourth trimester. But maternity leave is not a vacation or a cop-out from your new post. It’s the first precious weeks to invest in a being who is completely dependent on you.”

Mayer’s decision of working through most of her pregnancy has shocked most mothers and many fathers. It is believed that her decision will force other women to think who usually struggle to maintain balance between their work and life.

Maintaining a balanced life between home and work has always been a topic of national discussion. Most of the men are of the view that woman start taking their professional lives lightly once they begin to think of children. However, Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating officer, Facebook, who is a leading voice in the conversation is of the opinion that women should plan their lives in the manner where they can manage both.

Sandberg said that “women have to be more assertive, find partners that are supportive and keep their careers in mind even as they plan a family.”

Mayer’s statement has put women in a difficult situation. As some are charged up to take work seriously but there are others who are confused and are thinking if it is really possible to maintain balance between career and family.

Washington Post’s Jena MacGregor seemed to be really pleased with Mayer’s this decision. She send a message to her which read, “[What’s] most remarkable is that the board, according to Mayer, did not reveal any concerns about hiring a CEO who is expecting a baby in three months. If Yahoo’s board can put a pregnant woman in her 30s into one of the most challenging, high-profile jobs in technology, maybe every other board out there can judge women simply on their merits, too.”

Sheryl Sandberg too congratulated Mayer on Facebook by saying, “Congratulations to Marissa Mayer! Great news for women (and men!) across Silicon Valley. All of us at Facebook look forward to working with you in your new role.”


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