Disruptive Features of iPhone X – What’s Changed Dramatically?

Commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Apple iPhone, the company is launching the new iPhone X with some dramatic changes and new features. Some of the features of iPhone X are completely new for current users of the iPhone. Habitual users of the phone could be a little worried. However, reviewers of the phone say that this is the best iPhone ever. Apple CEO Tim Cool has called the latest iPhone X “the largest leap forward since the original iPhone.
 Much anticipated globally, the iPhone X will be open for pre-order from October 27 and will be delivered to you on November 3. With this release, it is anticipated that the iPhone 10 is expected to go out of stock the day of its release. However, the pre-order timings vary in different countries, so we recommend you keep a good tab.
 Meanwhile, still not sure if the phone will have the features you are looking for? We find out!
 Features of the iPhone X, unlike all previous models
  • Only available in Black and Silver

iphone in Black and Silver colour
This time round, there is no rose gold variant available. The iPhone X comes in two color variants only—Black and Silver. Other variants, which will also influence the price, are 64GB and 256GB internal memory variants. The price of a 64GB iPhone X is $999, while a 256GB iPhone X may cost $1,149.
  • Sans home button

Sans home button
Here’s another big one. The new iPhone X does not have a home button. It means you need some time to get used to the new iPhone. Home button functions have also been replaced. To close an app, simply flick it upward from the bottom. Unlocking an iPhone X requires a Face ID instead of Touch ID, doing away with the traditional iPhone home button. Control center is not accessible by swiping from bottom to top, as was the case. Instead, it appears on a reverse swipe from top to bottom. When swiped down from the left-top side, it opens the notification screen.
  • Touch ID gives way to Face ID

With the upcoming iPhone X, Face ID will replace the Touch ID. Unlike the Touch ID, the new Face ID helps unlock the iPhone X by simply looking at it. It is more secure than using a fingerprint sensor. Its 7MP TrueDepth camera has multiple sensors that maps face, works in dark and can recognize an iPhone user even when he is wearing sunglasses or has grown a beard. In crisis, it is possible to disable the Face ID by pushing in the side button for a few seconds.
  • Wireless Charging

iPhone x wireless charging
Its wireless charging feature allows you to charge your iPhone X merely by dropping it on an AirPower Pad, which has ability to charge multiple devices at once. The upcoming iPhone can also be charged using Qi charges. Are you ready for this?
  • All-screen

iPhone x Full screen

Unlike all earlier models, this all-screen new design of iPhone X lacks the home button and the bezel at the top. This is the first time an iPhone has a 5.8-inch AMOLED screen or a Super Retina Display. The Quad HD screen has a display resolution of 2436 x 1125. At a width of 2.79 inches and weighing 174 gms, the phone is lighter and compact so you can hold it easily. It has IP 67 rating, which makes it water resistant in up to 1 m deep water for 30 minutes.
The vision behind this new creation was to have a next generation iPhone that will have only a screen. Apple has also tried to make a smart device that would respond to tap, voices and glances. Hence, come the iPhone X.



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