Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge are about to be released as they are reportedly in the final stages. The case makers for Samsung IT-Skins have revealed the renders that would be used for Note 5 and S6. The revelations have shown the dimensions and layout for these two gadgets.

Dimensions and controls reveled for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 EdgeKnowing about Note 5 dimensions

This time, the new Note 5 from Galaxy will be a standalone variant in this category. The Note 5 will be a double-edged variant with no S pen and lower specs. The experts have stated that this does not actually define everything about the developments that has happened recently, but the pictures that have been released clearly shows that it is having a flat surface and curvature of the screen is not there.

However, one can obviously see some slope at the rear panel of the phone. In addition to this, Note 5 will not have a removable battery this time as a frame is overlapping the edges, which is obviously a stylish touch to the phone.

S6 Edge- The flamboyant player from Samsung

Coming at a measurement of 5.7-inch screen, the S6 Edge from Samsung would make headlines after its release. The renders clearly shows that there would be a automated or push facilitated S pen for the phone. In addition to this, the dimensions and other features would be somewhat same as other Edge variants available in the market.

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