Different Ways To Remove Audio from Video

Remove Audio from Video

There are many instances when one might want to remove the audio from a video, and there are different ways to do this. Unwanted sounds, unnecessary background audio, sounds from the recording device and more can cause distractions in the video, and so might need to be removed. There are different online tools and softwares to remove audio from video. 

How To Remove Audio From Video 

One way to mute a video is by using the Windows movie maker on the computer. This video editing tool supports different editing functions in a user-friendly way. One function enables removing the audio from the video file to process a mute video.

Step 1 :

Launch the Windows Movie Maker program on the computer.
Click on ‘Add Videos and Photos’ icon from the Home tab.
Select the file from which the audio is to be removed. 

Step 2:

Once the video is added, it can be previewed.
One may decide to mute the entire video, or only certain parts of it.  To remove the audio from only a part of the file, place the playhead on the storyline at the point from where the audio is to be deleted, and tap the Split button.
Click on the Edit menu for access to the editing tools. 

Step 3:

Select the video clip to be processed and click on the Video Volume icon on the left of the Edit tab.

Step 4:

To remove the audio, move the volume slider to the left, bringing the volume to nil.
This makes the software mute the video.
One can play the video to check if the audio has been removed as required.

How to Remove the Audio from a Video Using VLC

VLC is a powerful media app that supports several functions like file parameter customization,  video conversion, removing audio and more. Once VLC is installed into the system, there is no need for another software to remove audios from a video. This can be easily done using the VLC media player. 

Step 1:

Launch VLC and select the ‘Convert/Save’ option from the Media drop-down menu.

Step 2:

Click on the +Add button in the Open media window to load the locally saved file which has to be muted.
Then click on the Convert/Save button at the bottom-right corner.

Step 3:

A ‘Convert’ window will appear at this point where one needs to select the target format of the file.
This is found under the ‘Profile’ section under the Settings.
Click on the ‘Edit Selected’ profile button.

Step 4:

Select the Audio Codec tab at the pop-up Profile edition window. Uncheck the box next to the Audio option.
This removes the audio content of the file.
Click on the ‘Save’ button.

Step 5:

Click on the ‘Browse’ button under the Destination section to choose the processed file name as well as the destination on the system.
Tapping the ‘Start’ button will then remove audio from video. This method works for Windows.

How to Remove Audio from Youtube Video

Once a video is processed in the YouTube Creator Studio, it is not possible to remove the audio from Youtube itself. In order to upload a video on Youtube without the audio, the audio needs to be removed first. 

To do this, one may opt for any of the online softwares available used to remove audio, or a software like VLC (discussed above). The only thing done differently in VLC to mute a video for Youtube is to ensure that the file profile and the format is supported by YouTube. The saved file can be uploaded on Youtube without any audio.