In a recent study conducted by Baird Equity Research on the future of RIM, developers of RIM are running away from working on the BlackBerry 10 OS. This is an upcoming phone from the company, whose launch has been postponed twice. However, RIM’s top developers don’t agree with the results of this survey.

In defence of the company, RIM’s developer relations vice president Alec Saunders said, “I was shocked because the numbers in the report do not gel with what we’re seeing in the real world. The report contradicts much of what we are seeing and hearing in our developer community.”

Are you wondering how come the result of the survey and what RIM’s developer relations vice president is saying are so contradictory?

The reason behind this is that in his reply Saunders is referring to RIM’s app developer base which noticed a growth of 157% in the last year alone. Nevertheless, it cannot be ignored that company has also witnessed an increase in its BlackBerry app catalog, wherein 15,000 apps have been added over the last six months.

Saunders also mentioned the success of BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour, which is currently happening in Europe, UK, UAE and Africa. The event was able to attract developers from around the globe. Stating all these points Saunders said it is difficult to believe the result of the survey.

However, experts are of the view that Saunder’s clarification is not sufficient to mark the results of Baird Equity Research survey null, because results of the research were based on how developers felt about the future of RIM. Experts are of the view that developers are not confident of the RIM especially when they see it in the long run.

This reply from Saunder’s has clarified one thing—that he too, like other top members of the company—is of the view that there is nothing wrong with his languishing company.