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Detect Authenticity Of Whisky With New Technology

If you are a whisky aficionado, you would, at first sight, know the difference between an authentic one and a diluted one. For those who are not, you can now detect the authenticity of your drink with this new technology. Spectroscopy is the new technology that not only helps in measuring the chemical make-up of whisky but can also help fight cancers. Let’s read on to know more.

Devoured all across the globe, the fine taste of single malt is loved by many. However, there have been several where people have lost their lives from drinking whisky containing high levels of poisonous methanol. But now, with Spectroscopy, users can chemically test the authenticity of whisky, without even opening the bottle. According to research conducted by scientists at the University of St. Andrews, a special cone-shaped laser ensures the signal from the glass bottle does not interfere with the measurement of the liquid inside.

How does it work?

Detect Authenticity Of Whisky With New Technology 1

Spectroscopy is a powerful and popular label-free method to gain information at the molecular level. It involves the use of a laser beam which, when shone into whisky, scatters light into a variety of different colours. The exact mix of colours produced is exclusive to the chemical make-up of the sample and can is further used as a fingerprint to identify the sample. Just like fingerprint identification helps in catching the criminals, Spectroscopy helps in testing the whisky sample by cross-referencing the spectroscopic signal against a database of known samples. This way, the content of the alcohol can be tested without disturbing the total volume in the packed bottle as it is a non-destructive and non-contact detection.

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Methods which use laser light have an additional advantage as it helps one understand the chemical make-up as it refocuses inside the bottle. The method also works for other food and drink items where there is a scope of adulteration, such as olive oilwine, and honey. However, the contents are not the only source of scattered light. A common problem in all of those tests is that the glass container can produce a signal even larger than the one from the contents.

Laser spectroscopy is the new technology that helps in checking if the whisky is pure by providing the chemical information constitution of the drink. This methodology will help connoisseurs to authenticate their expensive alcohol at the point of purchase, without wasting a drop. 

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