Destiny fans can rejoice as Bungie has released 1.1.2 update.  The update mainly wipes out persistent bugs such as those in ammos and the weapons, 4th Horseman and Pocket Infinity.

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So now players will not have the risk to fail in the edge case scenarios of the game; thanks to the ammos bug fix. As for the weapons, with this update, Bungie has reversed the stats back to the initial value.

The 1.1.2 update hints that Xur features will now see reduced data mining. However, a Reddit thread pointed out that the update now confirms the Xur tipster, Megamanexe 4.

The update has also fixed Strikes and Raids. The strength of Valus Ta’Aruc has been slashed by more than 30 per cent. From now, layers will see lesser numbers of major combatants in Strike and Raids as well as Dust Palace.
If you are more inclined towards the raids, then the display and bug fix for the Vault of Glass might enthrall you.

Meanwhile Bungie will now have a new data set for distinct different strikes– the Askor, Omnigul and Phogoth.  Also, the Venus Terminus region has also changed post this update.

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