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Desktop Publishing for Instagram – Hacks and Tricks

If you are wondering how to post on Instagram from PC in 2021, there are many ways that now allow users to do this. In a response to many Google searches of ‘how to upload multiple photos to instagram from PC,’ Instagram announced earlier this year that users are now able to send and receive direct messages from the computer while browsing a feed, but the posting of pictures directly from a PC is still a bit of a trick.  

How to Post on Instagram from PC 

There is an unofficial trick that now makes it possible to post photos to the Instagram feed directly from a personal computer. While the initial set-up takes a bit of effort, it is easy to keep going once it is set-up. However this works only for photos, and videos cannot be posted using this method. And how to post videos on Instagram from a PC is not covered with these methods. 

post to instagram from pc

Any third-party app (Hootsuite is very popular) enables users to post on different social media channels including Instagram. Users need to simply login, create a free account, and start using the services, which include desktop publishing. These also allow scheduling of posts, meaning that you can simply time your posts, and they will be published on their own. One need not even open the Instagram app anymore to publish an image, or multiple images.  

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Another method is to change the “user agent” which is a tool that tells a website the kind of device you are on. And then, one can make it look like a different device. For example, users can tell Chrome to load a webpage as if it is being viewed on an iPhone ($599 at Apple) or Android, creating a mobile version of the site. This trick is used to post on Instagram also. 

Below are the steps that need to be followed to post on Instagram from Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari browsers. 

So, can I post to instagram from my PC? We know you’re asking the question, and here is the answer – Yes, it is possible. 

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post to instagram from pc 1

The steps given below can be used to post to Instagram from Chrome, Firefox and the new Microsoft Edge browser. Chrome has been used as the example below, but the process is identical for almost all browsers. 

Step 1
Open Chrome, visit Instagram.com and sign in to the account. Right-click on the page and select the Inspect (Inspect Element in Firefox) from the list of given options. 

Step 2
A window with some random texts opens up at the bottom of the page. There is then a small tablet icon in the top-left corner of the Inspector tool. The same icon in Firefox, is on the top-right of the inspector tool. 

Step 3
Tap on the icon that looks like an iPad with an iPhone next to it. The Instagram interface will then refresh, opening the mobile website and the + button to create a post. It may take more than one refresh for the + sign to appear.

Step 4
Once you are done posting the photo, click on the tablet icon again and close the Inspector tool. 

For Safari, click on Safari in the menu bar at the top of the screen.
Click on Preferences and select the Advanced tab. 

Click on the checkbox labeled Show Develop menu at the bottom of the page. 

Next, open a tab to go to Instagram.com.
Click on Develop in the menu bar at the top of the screen, and go to User Agent > Safari — iOS XX — iPhone.

Refresh the tab or window to find a + icon at the bottom of the page.
Click on the + sign to pick a photo and follow the steps like you would on your phone. 

Once this is done, switch back to the default settings. 

It is simply a matter of switching between the desktop and mobile version of Instagram’s website to be able to post on Instagram from a PC. 

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Mahak Sharma
Mahak Sharma
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