When Dell first hit racks, we weren’t much impressed but with time we have begun to worship the maker so much that we feel Dell XPS 13 as a stiffler even for Apple MacBook 12 inches. Yes, the latter has the adverts ringing much for it as well as travel friendliness up its sleeve, but we lance the XPS 13 up against the 12-incher wonder from the Cupertino giant.Tips to save your MacBook from water damage

The latest MacBook is pretty small, not just in terms of sleekness but also in terms of weight; simply imagine the feather style ware at 11.04″ x 7.74″ x 0.52″ that weighs 2.03 pounds. Coming to the XPS 13, it sure is bulkier at 11.98″ x 7.88″ x 0.6″ with about 2.6 pounds weight packed in. However, the advantage in case of the XPS 13 is its edge to edge screen or display.  So you can simply carry it around in your sling bag without much fuss.

Harking back to the MacBook, the power source comes from an Intel Core-M processor. This means Apple has wiped away the fan story for once and all on this MacBook of course this is another reason form it being akin to Size Zero. Noticeably though, the Core M processor is a flicker less powerful than we thought. As for the Dell XPS 13, you get a 5th generation Intel Core i-processor. Yes this is not a huge difference maker in terms of performance. The RAM story stands at 8 GB on the MacBook and is way better than the 4 GB on the Dell marvel. Then again, upgrading is not extravagant in 2015 anymore.

The Dell baby comes with 15 hours of battery life against the close to 10 hours on the MacBook. We choose to pick the Dell piece. What is your take?

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