B.S. Bassi, Delhi Police Chief has officially announced launch of a test version of the Delhi Police One Touch Away app for mobiles. The idea to connect with public via an application has been implemented given the prevalence of technology as well as to reduce general grievances against the police.  With this new mobile application, the general public can register complaints, fetch traffic updates as well as seek details of contacting the local SHOs.

What’s Hot About The App?

There already exists a bouquet of apps for varied things related to police complaints or updates such as Traffic App, Lost Report and Himmat. The latest app will now bring all these applications under its wing. You can also check out the data related to the ACPs or DCPs and the like, for a specific region with this app.

It Comes With SOS

The one thing that has been causing buzz is the SOS specification that comes with the app. Using this, you can send snaps of crimes, violations or traffic infringements to the Delhi Police. Moreover, the app comes with helpline numbers that can be accessed via easy icon buttons. You may download the test-phase of the app from Google Play Store.